India’s Chandrayan -2 Lands on Moon Today!
| IOP Desk - 07 Sep 2019

Golden Chapter in the History of India’s Space Programme

Historic Moment #IndiaOnTheMoon! #Chandrayan2landing Time to remember #vikramsarabhai.

By Onkareshwar Pandey

New Delhi, Sep 07, 2019: Golden chapter in the history of India’s Space programme! Congratulations ISRO!! Finally, India's Chandrayaan-2, a historic moon mission is landing on the moon. ISRO says module has reached the distance of less than 100km from moon's surface and is all set to land. 

With its soft landing on the Moon's surface, Chandrayaan 2 will complete making India only the fourth country to achieve the feat and the first to land near the lunar South Pole on its first attempt.

Today, on September 7, 2019, the Chandrayaan 2 moon mission is scheduled to land on the lunar surface between 1.30 am to 2.30 am. The historic moment is being telecast live in across 100+ countries, and many TV channels also live-streaming the event. It will be followed by the roll-out of the Rover - Pragyaan - between 5.30 am and 6.30 am.

The Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan-2 makes a soft landing on the Moon in the early hours of Saturday. This is India's second mission to the Moon.

Was it not apt, if #vikramsarabhai was given #bharatratna Posthumously?

By Onkareshwar Pandey -

India’s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV MkIII-M1 successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft at 2:43 p.m. IST on July 22, 2019, into its planned orbit with a perigee (nearest point to Earth) of 169.7 km and an apogee (farthest point to Earth) of 45475 Km. The launch took place from the Second Launch Pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota.

After the injection of Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft, a series of maneuvers were carried out using its onboard propulsion system to raise its orbit and place it in the Lunar Transfer Trajectory.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 60 schoolchildren witness the nail-biting moments of the soft landing live from ISRO's control room in Bengaluru. The moon lander Vikram that separated from its orbiting mothership has already performed two manoeuvres to lower its altitude for a perfect touchdown. 

Imaging of the landing site region prior to landing is being done for finding safe and hazard-free zones. Vikram attempts to make a soft landing in a high plain between two craters — Manzinus C and Simpelius N — at a latitude of about 70° South on 7th September 2019.

Subsequently, the Rover (Pragyan) will roll out and carry out experiments on Lunar surface for a period of 1 lunar day which is equal to 14 Earth days. The mission life of Vikram is also 1 lunar day. The Orbiter will continue its mission for a duration of one year.

Chandrayaan-2's soft landing is streamed live by Isro on its official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter handle and DD National channel.




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